A Review of Anri Okita’s Only Food

My daughter’s latest obsession is Anri Okita only fans. It’s amazing how something so simple can create such a fuss. I mean, who hasn’t seen the commercial for the product? And on TV, the girl in the commercial runs around doing different exercises with her Only Favorite. And every time she’s doing one of the exercises she’s in a better mood and more ready to tackle whatever’s in store for her in the kitchen.

But my only problem with this product isn’t that it’s too over-the-top or that it’s somehow unhealthy. It’s that she thinks it’s cooler than all the other cookbooks out there! (Including mine!) Let me tell you what I mean.

Okita has a very simple design, but the cover of the book itself is very captivating. Like most cookbooks, they have black and white illustrations that are simple but eye-catching. The old-fashioned look of a Japanese-style kitchen is accentuated by the bold and black cover, giving you an idea that this book will probably be a quick read. Just like me, I tend to finish reading a cooking magazine or a recipe book within a week because I like to keep my recipes and cooking tips simple.

Okita does a great job of presenting the nutrition facts for each dish, and the translation of her nutritional facts is accurate (which is very important, especially when it comes to Japanese foods). You know, like you wouldn’t trust your nutrition facts on a fast food menu. The author provides easy-to-read directions for each dish, including measurements, cooking times, and nutritional information. The best part about it is that she includes the ingredient lists for the dishes as well! No cooking resource book should leave out the ingredients.

The recipes in this cookbook are fun and creative. Even if you’ve never cooked before, you’ll find this book easy to read and enjoyable to cook with. Okita seems to have a way of putting her thoughts and ideas into words that I can relate to, and what’s great is that even if I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll usually end up doing it anyway because I like the way she described what to do and what ingredients to use for a particular dish. In other words, I ended up reading through the book not just once, but I read through it several times.

This cookbook is definitely one for the cookbook shelves. It’s one of those rare finds that’s actually worth having. It comes with a full-color, indexed table of contents, easy to follow recipes, and it even has an excellent selection of serving utensils. If you’re an avid cook, like me, who love to try new things, and you live near an Asian market, this book should be a must-have. You might be surprised at how many interesting recipes you can come up with just by following the instructions that are written in this simple to follow cookbook.