My Catty 190 Has Come Back Again!

It is with a heavy heart that I write about my cat’s Chaturbate and Tangerine as they both had to go into heat for the first time this year. Chaturbate unfortunately developed an illness which meant he would not be able to come home for two weeks so sadly he had to go into surgery for his tail. Unfortunately Chaturbate also didn’t have his regular holiday so sadly he passed away on 31st July.

This leaves me with the question, how did my cattyknit cope when she first started wearing her webcam and Chaturbate? The answer is she only seemed to get a mild infection (which went and then cured by antibiotics). Chaturbate seemed to develop a little more though as he developed a slightly sore throat and developed a bit of discharge from his ears. Whilst these were just a few signs of a cat getting better, it was clear to see that Chaturbate was getting better. He was still not back to his old self however after a month of treatment he was back to his old self but not quite as good as before!

Two months ago I decided to buy a webcam and Chaturbate was happy to spend part of his day looking at his own reflection in front of his webcam. Chaturbate had been doing really well until he got a cold. He ended up having a fever for a week which added to his woes. This was the beginning of the end for Chaturbate as it was obvious that he was not getting the exercise that he needed (or wanted) to stay fit. He became lethargic and had a lack of appetite and just generally wasn’t himself.

After going through a health check up with the vets I realised that my catty190 needed to have an operation. He was not getting enough exercise, so a surgery would help him grow his fur and get some much needed energy (and reduce his appetite). A week later I saw Chaturbate at his vets who were cleaning his ears and making sure that his ears were clean. I was expecting him to be in a bad mood, but he was surprisingly neat, so I was very happy. He looked like he had just come out of a spa!

About a week later he went into hospital. I thought this might be a bad idea as he had a lot of problems with his bladder. However the vet explained that he needed to go as there was a blockage due to an infection that was causing him to have so many accidents in his house. They removed the blockage and he was fine! He was quite excited about the operation and we were all very pleased!

He has now fully recovered and is back to his old self. There is still some pain (much more so than Chaturbate!) but it is not something he needs a lot of and the operation was very successful! I am so proud to have helped my little guy back onto the catty circuit and I feel privileged to have known him. He has become such a better cat since my intervention and now enjoys going with us to see friends and family.