Deviousangell Livejasmin Album Review

DEVIOUS GELL LAUNCH (LE) is an edgy, underground style of hip-hop that was first made popular by artists such as Kanye West, J Dilla, and DJ Premier. This highly evolved style of music takes elements from street poetry, soul, funk, pop and reggae but also drenches itself in a new wave of urban influences. The album’s 12 songs feature a wide variety of sounds and styles ranging from trap-style beats to drum’n’ bass. On top of that, each song is accompanied by a signature style of music from top DJ’s including the ever-popular Paul O’angelo and Armani. The whole album is built around a high energy, low brow, urban mythological themes and imagery.

In the words of artist Deirdre Smith, who did the album’s production, “It’s not a bad thing that we’re finally seeing an album that has a strong presence of live drums and a strong presence of live vocals.” The style and production of Livejasmin are unlike any other album she’s done. “I think it brings a lot of diversity to the record and I think that it keeps it fresh for people who don’t really listen to a lot of modern rap or dance music,” she explains. Another positive aspect about this album is that it doesn’t have the typical dark, sinister undertones that so many mainstream albums have. “The record has this very sexy, sensual kind of vibe that just hasn’t been heard before on a mainstream record,” continues Smith.

For fans of underground artists and rappers, Deviousangell Livejasmin is a unique experience. The main difference with this album is that the artist is not performing live. Instead, he is just rapping overtop his own voice. With that said, the listener is allowed to better decipher his lyrics since he isn’t actually performing.

On the whole, I am happy with this album! The production values are top notch, the songs are catchy, and the overall vibe is uplifting. It’s not the sort of album that you have to sit through a song like you would with a pop album, but it’s entertaining. It’s also well worth the price!

My favorite song on the album is “Ain’t Afraid of the Sun.” The beat is slow and melodic, with the singer crooning, “This is my day/this is my day baby!” This is an excellent song with an excellent beat. I especially love how he sings, “I’m a free spirit/am I your next door neighbor?”

Overall, this album is perfect for anyone who loves the instrumental. Fans of deviousangell and trap music will enjoy this collection. For those who don’t know, Dan Fox made a documentary about him called, “Totally Live.” If you haven’t checked that out, go out and watch it!