About Karuna Satori

If you are a Karuna Satori fan and looking forward to a particular event in that faith, this article may give you some good information about organizing a small Onlyfans Get Together in your own locality or anywhere else in the world. Karuna Satori is an ancient Hindu ritual performed in honour of Lord Karuna, a brahmin warrior god who is believed to have defeated the demon Narakasura in his house. This was supposedly done by holding a bonfire (Sankrit) in the presence of Karuna Satori priest and his family and friends and burning incense in it as a sign of sacrifice for all the valuables that the family accumulated over the years. Nowadays, it is performed almost everywhere in honour of Lord Karuna and his family members.

Karuna Satori can be done individually, either by the individual or a group of people. A group ritual usually begins with small, private discussions among the group on whatever topics they choose, such as religion, philosophy, social issues or anything they find interesting to talk about. The group may also decide to form a committee, if so preferred. The committee members are required to wear special kameezes (an Indian traditional trouser made of plain cotton) and kerchiefs (which are hung around the neck).

All the members of the group have to perform the ritual of masturbation together. The whole idea is to detach from their social responsibilities and become more immersed in the ‘celestial’ world of their mind. The main purpose is to purify the group’s energy and at the same time, let loose sexual desires to enjoy and climax. They also learn that love and affection for each other are important virtues to develop in them. So, the whole exercise of masturbation is supposed to become a loving act between the group members.

In some instances, the group may meet in a special place like a hotel, where the karuna priest supervises them. They should perform the act in a complete and controlled way. If it is not done properly, it may result in embarrassment and dishonor to the entire group. So, a strict rule is followed whereby members should perform the sauna ritual in a well-lit room with dim lights and the priest conducting the ceremony.

Before starting off with the sauna ritual, the leader of the group should ask the child to repeat three magical words. These words should be repeated throughout the gathering and the child is supposed to repeat them quietly to each person. They are known as ‘Ayuvedra japa’ or ‘Bhaumashpi kama’. This ritual is believed to cleanse the chakras of all the negativity, which was supposedly present at the time of birth.

It is believed that if the child reaches out his hands and touches the forehead of the guru, then he would become a devotee and perform the sauna ritual for the betterment of his studies. Some karuna satori onlyfans are conducted strictly, devoid of any external compulsion. They are conducted with the family members around, so that nobody gets hurt. The purpose of these sartorial events is to spread awareness among people about the goodness of the lord and also to instill self-awareness in the people.