A Diners and Drive Story?

Kendra Sunderland has been discovered to have a rare disorder called only disability. It only affects girls and in a severe case, could cause developmental problems. This disorder affects the body’s ability to control temperature and vital organs such as the brain fail to work properly.

Recently, Kendra was arrested along with her grandmother and sister in India and customs officials found a large amount of marijuana in their possession. Kendra was questioned and the case was turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During the questioning, Kendra confessed that she had made mistakes in her past and her grandmother and sister made the same mistakes in their lives. The trio were each issued a fine and ordered to attend classes on anger management. It was reported that during the court proceedings, Kendra stated that she had been a poor student throughout her life and that she had received preferential treatment at school compared to other children. It was later found that she had made these statements in an attempt to get attention and make up for her bad grade history, but this act was considered unethical and may also constitute child abuse.

After the news broke, several advertisers on Facebook and other social media sites became suspicious and started questioning whether or not the actress in question was telling the truth. Kendra has deleted her social media page and other accounts but she is still listed publicly as a contributor to her former company, Hello Studios. Recently, Karyn posted pictures from her time working at Hello Studios on her social media site. Someone noticed that she was wearing a shirt with a very similar logo to the one she used on Facebook and the thought started to grow cold feet for Karyn.

Recently, Karyn has been making some public comments about the recent hullabaloo that has been going on between her and Hello Studios. She has referred to Justin and Eric as her “Pimps”, saying that she wouldn’t mind being a topless photo girl if it meant they got some publicity. In one posting, she referred to Justin as her “mentor” and in another she stated, “Erickson, I’m your new squeeze…come on guys.” It was then that a bunch of Internet sleuths decided that it might be a good idea to obtain the topless photo of Karyn from her social media site. Karyn is currently under investigation as to what happened to her to trigger all this madness.

In addition to public indecency citation, Karyn could also face a charge of interfering with the duties of a public official, a felony in many states. Her lawyer, Mark Whitlock of Philadelphia, is currently looking to possibly drop the public indecency charge, which carries a maximum prison sentence of one year. The district attorney is reviewing that charge now, as well. If Whitlock decides to drop the charges, it will mean that Karyn will not serve jail time. It’s possible that other members of the restaurant staff could be criminally prosecuted as well, depending on what state the altercation was held.

In this day and age when social media sites are being used by almost every major company and people to communicate and spread information, it would certainly be appropriate for Karyn to seek professional help. This isn’t the first time that she has faced public scrutiny, nor will it be the last. Hopefully, the recent kerfuffle of her entourage’s outing will lead to more sensible behavior from Karyn and her entourage. As the world wakes up to the fact that Karyn Stafford may not be so innocent after all, they might consider hiring an Internet detective or two to dig up the truth. Think on this.