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There’s no denying the fact that there aren’t many things better than watching a black Hollywood starlet completely nude and placed in her proper position, as she becomes sexually enticed by the camera. Former Disney actress Maitland Ward had finally completed her long degenerate character arc, as she now openly engages in her very first interracial sex tape for the video at the bottom of this article. Camsoda manages to take the good aspects of the original “Camsoda” movie, while at the same time improving upon it, making it even more entertaining. The video starts off with one of the most memorable sequences I have ever seen in a porn film, where Maitland is dressed in only her panties, but is nevertheless seduced by the camera’s angle. It then cuts to her in a steamy bathroom, preparing herself for what she calls “special”.

You may recall Maitland’s former starring role as Holly Hunter in the Disney Channel’s “Hollywood Suite”, but the story line and the entire scenario of the movie were completely changed when she became involved with Camsoda. Maitland was by no means a shrinking violet, but after becoming a registered nurse, she found that the entertainment industry was often controlled by men who had little or no knowledge of women. In her mind, this would translate into nothing but a lifetime of serving as a sex worker. When she decided to go on a “special” to Camsoda, it was the perfect opportunity to educate men about the lives of sex workers, and to help women gain empowerment over their own bodies.

The original Camsoda videos were directed by Jillian Michaels and featured Maitland in a variety of different poses, but the new “Infinity Whore Photo Shoot” series features Maitland in the same style, except with more of an eye catching, bolder facial features. This new photo series is meant to serve as a follow up to the well received “Hollywood Suite” video, which depicted Maitland’s character as a beautiful blonde – in contrast to her previous roles. The new series will allow Maitland the opportunity to shine in a different color as well as taking on more of a sensual and seductive persona. Whether her decision to go nude was inspired by Camsoda’s previous videos or not, it is a step in the right direction for Maitland Ward, a woman who has always maintained her passion for modeling and performing.

Maitland’s “Infinity Whore Photo Shoot” series was created as a joint venture between Maitland Ward and Camsoda, and the result is an exciting series of videos featuring one of the industry’s leading female stars. If you are familiar with Maitland’s past work, then you know that she has been embraced by the entertainment industry as a leading nude star. Maitland’s appearance in the “Infinity Whore” video was one of the most popular celebrity nudes ever, and it was from that video that Camsoda capitalized on their joint venture and made a large amount of money off of it. With the new “Infinity Whore” series, Maitland will be able to showcase her assets in a much more provocative manner, and Camsoda’s name will be forever linked to this success.

Maitland Ward will be seen in several videos for Camsoda as part of their upcoming “NCIS” series, which is set to debut in the fall of 2021. NCIS is a spinoff of the hit television show, “CSI”, and Maitland will be a central character in this new series. You can look for some interesting nudity in the coming “NCIS” series, including some scenes that will have Maitland in some rather interesting clothes.

There is no doubt that Maitland Ward loves being nude, and she certainly loves showing off her body off in exciting and erotic ways. I am sure that she has been saving all of these years for this moment, and it is truly a wonderful feeling to see her name buzzing around like the “wild bird of the woods”. If you are a fan of “Hard Core” magazines, and “Vegas”, you should definitely keep an eye out for what Maitland Ward is up to. She may be the next big thing! See for yourself!