Who is Petymila?

The life and legend of Petymila or Peytryma are one of the most well-known stories in Moldaviat of Moldavia. It concerns a beautiful young girl who was sold as a slave on the Black Sea coast by a Goldsmith. Petymila was trained as an assistant to the local Goldsmith. Once she became proficient she decided to free herself and start her own business. However, instead of accepting her fate and leaving her old life behind, Petymila decided to risk everything and travel by sea to reach her destiny.

Her story and background: Petymila was born in Ukraine. Her real name is Pyotrana. She was the daughter of a wealthy landowner and a highly respected teacher. When she was young she was trained as a skilled cook, an accomplished ballerina and skilled craftsman. Her true path in life however, would lead her to become a successful and influential writer, painter and lady all rolled into one.

While she was very young, her mother died and left Petymila to take care of her sister Anniyka. She worked long and hard to support the family and gave up most of her freedom to help her sisters and mother. At the age of twenty-one her beloved father died of a heart attack. Petymila, now known as Petya, never forgave her father for leaving her and pursuing his dream.

Many years later her best friend Masha asked her to marry him. Surprisingly, Petymila would not let go of her dream to visit her homeland. She managed to get to know her groom’s family and it was here where she learned of his father’s death. In her grief she promised to give up her freedom but her friend Natalya convinced her to marry him. Over the next couple of years Petymila managed to win back Masha’s heart and they were married.

When Petya was pregnant with her first child, she decided that it was time to educate herself. She enrolled in a local school run by a wonderful lady called Nadezhda. Nadezhda knew that Petya was not the daughter she wanted, but thanks to Nadezhda Petya was able to continue learning even more about her culture. The woman taught Petya many useful skills such as sewing, embroidery and needlework. Petya’s passion for needlework inspired her to start a needlework workshop in her home. Later in life she managed to open a studio of her own, which made her even more experienced in the field of needlework.

It was at this time that she decided to write her own novel, though at this stage it was only fiction. Some of the stories were based on her life, some on her experiences in her home country and others on travels she had done. Petya was a favorite writer of hers, but unfortunately she died before she could complete her masterpiece. Yet her amazing story has inspired many writers and her books have enjoyed critical success throughout the world.