Getting Your Ex Back With This Video

The most popular search in the UK for the week ending December was “Pr3ttyp1nkPussy.” That’s right folks, search term: pr3ty Typ1onian! Chaturbate is the new name for UK’s most popular adult dating site. So what makes this site so popular? Well, a large amount of its popularity stems from its controversial advertising campaign. In this article I’ll explain the pr3ty team’s choice to launch a Pussy Spice ad into millions of homes – and it’s going to make Chaturbate very popular indeed.

The video is very tongue-in-cheek. In fact, the video’s description claims that it’s “a real cliche”. But the ad itself, as you’ll see in the video, is anything but cliche. In fact, the phrase that the Pussy Spice team used (and the way they choose their misspelling) has generated a lot of discussion over the past week. Many people have accused them of cultural stereotyping, or even of sending the message that all girls are sexual. And I’m here to tell you that those accusations aren’t true.

The thing is that Chaturbate is making a statement about gender roles and the way society perceives and talks about those roles. The video isn’t offensive in any way. It’s simply funny. And when you watch it you’ll find that they get quite a few laughs, and their timing and delivery of the lines are great, which adds to the enjoyment you get from it.

The video opens with a Pussy Spice girl on a bed, apparently getting ready for a date. Then we cut to the man, who is dressed up in drag, and asking her if she wants to go out. When she agrees, he hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and gets her to do what every woman wants to do on a first date. In fact, the first date is pretty much a porno scene set in motion. They go to a movie theater and have a ball, with plenty of comedy as the two interact.

But you know what? The humor ends there. We don’t get a second video from the Pussy Spice girls, and that’s unfortunate. Because otherwise the video would make an excellent commercial for Chaturbate! The joke wasn’t on the video at all – the joke was on the world and our culture that so desperately need to be liberated from centuries of false, incorrect and damaging stereotypes.

This video is entertaining and well thought out. It makes a point, and that point is clear. The Pussy Spice girls are funny, beautiful and perfect for every single guy who watches this video and decides to get with them. You’ll get your ex back, you’ll get him back baby, and it all starts with a video you’ll want to share with all your friends.