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Sabrina Nichole’s Big House

A lot of people have been talking about Sabrina Nichole Cam’s new book Camsoda. However, I’ve never actually bought it yet. I’m not sure why because I like so many other things about Nichole’s writing, including her engaging sense of humor. In fact, her humorous style can even make some of the things she gets wrong in her stories seem obvious to me.

Anyway, Camsoda is a coming of age story about two girls, Antonia and Ariel, who move to New York City. Camsoda chronicles their misadventures in some really hilarious ways. For example, they’re in a very interesting situation where one of them passes out from an accidental overdose of cocaine and they wake up in a mental institution. Naturally, this sets off a series of events that involves Camsoda finding more ways to slip out of her bonds and run amok.

What I really like about Camsoda is that she takes a light-hearted approach to things. While her stories are usually fiction with a bit of reality added, Nichole manages to keep most of what she’s happening within the confines of her fictional world. She uses her observations to show us the cracks in our civilization and how they’re tearing down the values we believe in. While this isn’t a book for those who believe in heaven or the end of the world, Camsoda’s sense of humor allows her readers to laugh at the absurdities of everyday life.

This book reads as an almost fairy-tale version of what could happen if you would just take some common sense steps when making decisions in your personal and business lives. Nichole starts off each chapter by explaining what the point of the story is and then she goes on to share several examples of what she’s talking about with her illustrations. It’s not all serious, it’s funny. It’s almost an every day story about young women navigating the complicated waters of modern adolescence. Nichole does a good job of keeping the reader engaged. I especially enjoyed how she pointed out the differences between acting impulsively and planning ahead.

The way adults act today is drastically different than how children acted in previous generations. Children were responsible for their own actions and had much more control over their lives. Nichole reminds us that as women we have to be self aware of the responsibilities that lie on our shoulders and that we have to work hard at creating the lives that we want to live. Each of the women she profiles has a different take on the “Big House” life and what it means to be a wife, mother, daughter, friend, or co-worker.

This humorous book will make you feel good and laugh out loud. If you enjoy humorous stories about everyday people, then you will love Camsoda’s first novel. If you have an open mind and enjoy being entertained, then this is a book for you. Camsoda takes a good stand on things and encourages women to be bold and take chances. Her message is that life is not just about what you know but how you use what you know to create the life that you want.

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