Review of Selly Madellines: Recipes & Treats

With the name selly_madelline, it is clear that this is a scrapbook dedicated to the craft. The price for this particular scrapbook is just 4000 dollars. Do not miss the opportunity to add this to your collection. The author, Irina Camsoda, has added the description:

Irene Camsoda was born inzerievka (OSO), Ukraine. She studied English at university. After that, she worked as an English teacher in a hospital. Later on, she decided to pursue her true calling – writing. And what better way to showcase her talent than making a book of memories with items from her travels!

All of her writings are featured on this site – both texts and photos. The photos range from everyday items to those that she used when she travelled around different countries. In most cases, Irina puts a photo of a city in the title of her article. For example, one of her travel destinations is Dijon, France. In one of her travel articles, Irina mentions a particular apple tree – the apple tree in front of the palace in Dijon.

All the writing is done in a conversational style. Irina does not introduce her sources, but rather lets the reader learn the information as they read along. At times, this may be a problem, especially when it comes to translating one’s language into another language. However, for the purposes of this product, I believe that selly_madellines’ use of Russian and English makes this material suitable for translation and learning purposes.

The author also provides a list of products she has made before. The products range from cookbooks and cookware to cookware and crockery. There is even a DVD with a few recipes, which I bought. While there are recipes included, I found that the variety of foods she offered were not very appealing. Some of them tasted like cardboard or plastic. Others were flat and boring.

All in all, this is a fun and interesting read. It is informative and offers some good recommendations for cooking and baking. However, for someone who wants to cook authentic Russian dishes, I recommend checking out more of Selly_Madellines’ works, such as her other cookbooks and her blog. These will give you more information on her products.

I have also read several product reviews on Selly_Madellines’ website. These reviews were more favorable than the ones she has given in her book, but they do not offer comprehensive reviews. The bad reviews seem to come from customers who bought the book and were disappointed by the lack of variety or quality of the items offered. On her website, Selly_Madellines offers free customer service. I was able to email her a question about one of her products and she really responded quickly and professionally. This customer service is an indicator of how good she is at what she does.

In my opinion, this cookbook is worth a read. The recipes are interesting and creative. They are well written and presented. The material within is detailed and valuable. If you want to learn how to cook traditional Russian foods, I recommend this cookbook.