New Orleans Music Legend

Stormi Maya is fast becoming the next major name in modern R&B/Hip-hop. Her latest albums are, Netflix’s Only fans and as Angel alongside J Lo and Cardi B she has already released her first rap single, Body Of Work. Her first rap EP was released January 21st, followed by a second single, Stay Strong.

Most notably though, she is teaming up with top artist, Jay Z, to form a super group, the highly popular Just Us. This will be the first major act signed to Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella record label. The supergroup will be embarking on a world tour together and will hit many cities worldwide in the coming year. Stormi Maya is also currently working on new music.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with Stormi Maya in her home. She came from a modest background and was sweet spoken. She was born in New Orleans and has always said that she feels most alive and connected to her roots. Born in a foster home, Stormi’s biological parents, neither of whom had any criminal records, gave her birth to a single mother who barely supported her family. To this day, Stormi is still deeply interested in justice and wants to see young people better affected by the system.

After receiving her first piano lessons when she was young, Stormi quickly became passionate about music. She was a dedicated student who performed well enough at the age of 16 that her music teacher asked her to perform at a talent show, hoping that someone would take her under her wing. It was then that Stormi found her calling. From that point on, it was just a natural progression for her.

Stormi is not the type of artist that gives media interviews or provides many press releases. She is, however, generous with her time and willing to talk about what her goals are. She is open and honest, telling everyone that she hopes to one day be a worldwide superstar and one of the best singers and musicians that our society has ever seen. While she is modest about her accomplishments and loves the support of her fans, she is definitely the type of artist that only fans can really relate to. She is honest, down to earth, and appreciative of what she does for people.

In the past, Stormi has talked about the struggles of growing up as a young girl in New Orleans and the role music plays in that experience. Now, she is sharing her joys and her love of music with anyone who will listen. If you are a fan, you will likely feel inspired by her approach to making music. When you purchase her CD, you will also be supporting a true Louisiana legend. Stormi Maya is an artist that anyone can connect with.