ZZ Violetzz Review – Is This iPhone App Good?

A few months back, the ZZVioletzz was released and has been gaining a lot of fans in no time. This is a completely free guitar app that is available for download worldwide on both iPhone and iPad. Here we have an in-depth review of the latest and greatest.

If you thought that apps for iPhones were all about changing the way that your phone functions, then you clearly need to see what this brand of guitar player can do. The app allows you to play a variety of genres of music from rock to heavy metal and everything in between. In addition, it lets you learn three of the most popular guitar tunings. There are even videos available that show you exactly how to do each step.

The main reason that I am so impressed with the Guitar Wizard is because it enables me to learn a whole new way to play the guitar. There is nothing that makes it feel so much more authentic than actually seeing the techniques that you are learning on screen. For someone like me who didn’t have much experience in the guitar before, this was a life changer.

The other reason that I am so excited about ZZ Violetzz is because it’s so much cheaper than the rest. I don’t have to spend hundreds on lesson books or expensive guitar strings. All I really have to do is download this app and play my guitar better than ever. Of course, I still use the strap that I have had for years, but I prefer to be able to move more freely on the fret board. The quality of the screen is much clearer, which makes the whole thing much easier to use.

One of the things that I was very hesitant about when I first saw the ZZVioletzz was the price. $4.99 seems like a lot, but it’s actually a great deal considering the features that you get for the price. It comes with video lessons, a virtual instructor, and a tuner. For beginners, everything that I need to get started with playing guitar should be covered in this one app.

If you’re ready to start playing again after a year or two of absence, I highly recommend that you take ZZ Violetzz. It’s a great way to go from where you are now to where you want to be. You can even take it with you when you travel. I love to travel, so this was perfect. My guitar playing skills are going to take off soon enough, so this was definitely worth the money. I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone else!